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Fire water balloon. I bet you didn't hear such key-phrase. In this amazing video, you will see one of the most amazing science experiments of all times. Do you think if you place a balloon on top of a candle burning, what will happen? Surely, it will explode. But what if you fill the bottom of the balloon with water and try the same? Just watch the following science video to know the answer.. 

Fractals : Hunting the Hidden Dimension DVD

NOVA: Fractals - Hunting the Hidden DimensionI found the Nova science video documentary about fractals to be amazing. Being a non-math individual I found the show participating and totally easy to understand. My twelve yr old appeared to comprehend almost everything also. (This is simply not a documentary for elementary grade aged youngsters.)

If you do not know exactly what it is, fractal geometry is a distinct geometry than traditional or plane geometry. Fractal geometry is placed on 3d objects. That is about the most straightforward description I can provide.

A very important factor I enjoyed concerning the subject material and development of the show is that at first it appeared really abstract and perhaps insignificant to the layperson's life but the show definitely demonstrated how fractal geometry is applicable to contemporary living and has uses in the real life. When they revealed that fractal geometry were utilised to manufacture a brand new mobile phone antennae which makes them more functional for customers all over the world it was explained that understanding of fractals is essential to everyday life. It was said that technical engineers can use this new data in every day applications.

An additional account of curiosity was that the highest tree in a jungle was studied. Dimensions were taken of its trunk area and branches and the fractal geometry computations were in positioning with its height and width of growth. Of further fascination was exactly the same statistical calculation harmonized the structure of the entire rainforest, the distribution of the other trees, small trees, the width and size of the jungle was all in conjunction with the fractal geometry computation.

The documentary is sold on Amazon

Hidden Universe by Berkeley Labs

60 minutes of free science video which is about the dark energy in the universe which was presented in Berkeley Science theater. You will discover and learn about dark cosmos which is the most mysterious and most abundant (three-quarters of all) force of our universe. Excellent panel by the expert scientists to understand what kind of efforts we do currently to solve the dark energy mystery. Exploding stars, expanding universe, gravitational lenses, 3D real presentations, plenty of galaxy photos with explanations and connections to the dark energy. If you are further interested about dark energy, please check this book as well: Einstein's Telescope: The Hunt for Dark Matter and Dark Energy in the Universe

Coral Reef Adventure IMAX Blu-Ray Documentary

Take an awesome travel across the South Pacific Ocean for an impressive IMAX adventure. Words are not sufficient to explain the excitement of diving a pure coral reef, and ocean adventurers Howard and Michele Hall get their passion of the ocean into natural action. With Jean Michael Cousteau, deep ocean coral reef scientist Richard Pyle and Fijian diver Rusi Vulakoro, they explore and capture on film the eye-popping sub-aquatic cosmos of coral reefs, the most sorcerous places here on the planet. We again understand why we should carefully protect our nature. A necessary nature documentary to watch with children to give them inspiration and education as well. With IMAX and Blu-Ray quality. Read Coral Reef Adventure reviews at Amazon.

Amazing Cordyceps Fungi Attack Video on Insects

The cool science video you are about to see below is not a science fiction at all. It shows how a fungi genus known as Cordyceps invade the body of ants cuningly slowly to spread amongst the whole insect society. Most ants colonies are aware of this issue and try to deport the suspected victim of Cordyceps out of society.

In the end of the video, you can see how the final invasion of several hosts is really disturbing which represents the wildness of the nature.

Watch Cordyceps Attack Video
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