The Design of the Universe - Going Really Deep

Well, we all know something about galaxies, right? What about looking the big farms of galaxies consisting of millions of galaxies with certain patterns in 3D. So, here is the conference video of George Smoot with beautiful presentations, a well known cosmologist who contributed greatly on COBE project.

Firewalking Experiment by Skeptics

Awaken your inner consciousness, meditate and visualize a circle of power around your body to resist fire. Hmm... at least for some meters because the following video destroys such paranormal explanations by lengthening the process just a few meters more. I remembered an idea which claims that there is no paranormal or normal activity difference at all for all times. Today's paranormal will be the tomorrow's normal after we discover the reason behind the mysteries.

Morning Glory Vines in Slow Motion

Life is rather enjoying for those who are looking for something unique in hidden places which we miss in our fast lives. Following video will surely make you think about the definition about intelligence and life. Not only interesting but also a little bit scary video of extreme nutation movements of morning glory vines. Enjoy!

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