Coral Reef Adventure IMAX Blu-Ray Documentary

Take an awesome travel across the South Pacific Ocean for an impressive IMAX adventure. Words are not sufficient to explain the excitement of diving a pure coral reef, and ocean adventurers Howard and Michele Hall get their passion of the ocean into natural action. With Jean Michael Cousteau, deep ocean coral reef scientist Richard Pyle and Fijian diver Rusi Vulakoro, they explore and capture on film the eye-popping sub-aquatic cosmos of coral reefs, the most sorcerous places here on the planet. We again understand why we should carefully protect our nature. A necessary nature documentary to watch with children to give them inspiration and education as well. With IMAX and Blu-Ray quality. Read Coral Reef Adventure reviews at Amazon.

Amazing Cordyceps Fungi Attack Video on Insects

The cool science video you are about to see below is not a science fiction at all. It shows how a fungi genus known as Cordyceps invade the body of ants cuningly slowly to spread amongst the whole insect society. Most ants colonies are aware of this issue and try to deport the suspected victim of Cordyceps out of society.

In the end of the video, you can see how the final invasion of several hosts is really disturbing which represents the wildness of the nature.

Watch Cordyceps Attack Video

TED Talk Video - Robots can Replicate Themselves

Cooking, cleaning, manufacturing tirelessly in factories, building.. In latest 20 years, robots are everywhere in our lives and help us to achieve many tasks easier and faster. Hod Lipson demonstrates his cool little robots which can learn and evolve. One of the most interesting TED videos about robots and technology.

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Impressive TED Talk about Bacteria Communication

Well, we have very well heard about the communication and defensing, feeding as a society in most animals but this new discovery is rather strange. Even stranger than Water Bears. It is not just fascinating but also will imply new ways to understand life of microscopical creatures. Bacterias which coordinate their society to develop defenses against attacks using chemicals. Here is the video about this interesting topic by Bonnie Basler, a professor of molecular biology at Princeton University.

Oxford Uni Solution to Sorting Galaxies and Stars

There are millions of galaxies and countless stars. The problem is how to sort it scientifically according to several properties, shape as being the primary.

Astronomers of Oxford University developed a great idea and website implementation of it. You can help astronomers explore the universe by browsing these galaxies and sort it according to their parameters.

Up to now more than 150,000 people have participated in classification process at the Galaxy Zoo website. Here is the video talking about this idea and its implementation.

Tardigrades - Extreme Animal Survivors

Tardigrades also known as water bears are microscopic, water-dwelling, segmented animals with eight legs and show extraordinary surviving abilities on the extreme environmental conditions like very high or very low temperatures, extreme radiation, without a vacuum of space, without water, under high pressure etc. This science video introduces these little (arguably cute looking) life tanks.

Science Videos - Learn about Global Warming

Human driven emissions of greenhouse gasses are thought to be the major reason behind the global warming. This video clearly explains the concept of global warming.

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