Fractals : Hunting the Hidden Dimension DVD

NOVA: Fractals - Hunting the Hidden DimensionI found the Nova science video documentary about fractals to be amazing. Being a non-math individual I found the show participating and totally easy to understand. My twelve yr old appeared to comprehend almost everything also. (This is simply not a documentary for elementary grade aged youngsters.)

If you do not know exactly what it is, fractal geometry is a distinct geometry than traditional or plane geometry. Fractal geometry is placed on 3d objects. That is about the most straightforward description I can provide.

A very important factor I enjoyed concerning the subject material and development of the show is that at first it appeared really abstract and perhaps insignificant to the layperson's life but the show definitely demonstrated how fractal geometry is applicable to contemporary living and has uses in the real life. When they revealed that fractal geometry were utilised to manufacture a brand new mobile phone antennae which makes them more functional for customers all over the world it was explained that understanding of fractals is essential to everyday life. It was said that technical engineers can use this new data in every day applications.

An additional account of curiosity was that the highest tree in a jungle was studied. Dimensions were taken of its trunk area and branches and the fractal geometry computations were in positioning with its height and width of growth. Of further fascination was exactly the same statistical calculation harmonized the structure of the entire rainforest, the distribution of the other trees, small trees, the width and size of the jungle was all in conjunction with the fractal geometry computation.

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